What You Should Not Bring Across The Border to Puerto Penasco

When traveling to Rocky Point it’s important you know what items you are allowed to bring into the country. Doing your research in advance can avoid big sanctions and possibly being detained.

When crossing the border you will have to choose between the nothing to declare lane and the self declaration lane.

Self Declaration Lane (Carril de Declaracion)

Use this lane if you are bringing items that exceed the allowed personal luggage and exemptions.

Nothing to Declare (Nada Que Declarar)

Most tourists will use this lane. These is for travelers who are only bringing personal luggage and items appropriate for the duration of your trip.

On this lane you will see a traffic light. If the light is green, you may proceed with caution. If the light is red, then you will be asked to stop by a customs officer and your vehicle will be searched.

Be aware that if you look suspicious or if the officer feels like it you will be asked to stop even if you get a green light.

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Allowed Items Into Mexico

Duty Free

  • US tourists are allowed to bring items for personal use in their luggage such as clothing, footwear, personal toiletries, and beauty products as long as they are appropriate for the duration of the trip.

Can you take alcohol to Puerto Penasco?

Alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes

  • You may bring up to 3 liters of liquor or beer and up to 6 liters of wine per adult in the vehicle.
  • 2 cartons of cigarettes or 50 cigars or 2 pounds of dried tobacco.

Can you take food into Puerto Penasco?


  • Dehydrated fruits and vegetables without seeds.
  • Shelled almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, salted pistachios, roasted coffee, spices, dry cereal, flour.
  • Butter, hard cheese, cream, yogurt, milk, powdered milk, baby’s formula.
  • Dried and processed meats properly labeled and packaged.
  • Dry dog and cat food only. It cannot contain beef, sheep or goat meat.
  • Properly packaged fish (fresh, smoked, canned) for personal consumption.
  • Calamari and octopus.
  • Seaweed

Please note all items must be in their original, unopened store bought packaging with all labels.

Prescription Drugs

  • Prescription medications have to be in their original bottles with all labels. No mixing of pills or placing pills in smaller containers for travel.

Allowed items may be brought in quantities for personal consumption.

Items cannot be a risk of introducing a pest or disease.

There are restrictions as to the maximum amounts you are allowed to bring regardless of the duration of your trip.

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What can’t you bring to Rocky Point?
Prohibited items into Mexico

What food items Cannot be brought into Mexico?

  • Dirt, seeds, bulbs, flowers, plants, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, unroasted coffee or tobacco, nuts with shell.
  • Fresh cheese.
  • Fresh meats.
  • Animal food (except for cad and dog).
  • Sandwiches, burgers, etc. that are not in their original packaging and that contain beef and dairy.
  • Fried chicken.
  • Foods made with bovine meat, such as meatballs, lasagna, ravioli, etc. even if processed and properly packaged.
  • Raw or dried crustaceans.

Other items

  • Leather products.
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and biological products for animal use or consumption are forbidden.

  • illegal drugs including marijuana (even if for medicinal purposes).
  • Insecticides.
  • Gasoline.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Handcrafts.
  • Lethal knives and machetes.
  • Narcotics.
  • Any live animals (except for cats and dogs).

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Charity Items

You may be tempted to bring items for charity. Be aware that used clothes that are not part of your personal luggage will incur a high tax for bringing used clothing across the border.

Please note the list provided is for informational purposes only and it’s NOT a full list!
For questions on specific items or a full list of approved and disapproved items please call your local Mexican consulate or the Mexico customs office.