Beach Bliss in Puerto Penasco:

A Relaxing Mexican Getaway (February Vacation)


Beaches, Chill Vibes, Booze & Bingo!

Hey fellow beach lovers! Just got back from a sweet vacay in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point, for all you newbies☺), and let me tell you, it was pure bliss!

Day 1: Dining Delights at Puerto Penasco Resorts

Picture this: February 4th rolls around, and bam, we land in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, ready for some serious R&R at the Sonoran Spa resort.

Straight off the bat, we dive into our usual feast of grilled flounder for dinner at the resort’s restaurant The Sonoran Grill. Mmm! and let me tell you, it’s always a winner.

Day 2: Condo Chilling, Shopping Sprees – Gringo Bingo Awaits!

Next day, was all about chilling in the condo, maybe a leisurely stroll to scope out the local shops. Oh, and a pitstop at Colin’s Cantina for drinks and the best darn onion rings this side of Puerto Penasco resorts. Those folks are so friendly; we even promised to swing by for some gringo bingo later.

Oyster Shots @ Wrecked at The Reef

Day 3: Sun-Kissed Days & Rainy Interludes

Day three, we’re soaking up some rays until the rain gatecrashes the party. Classic, right? But hey, a little sun before the storm isn’t too shabby, right?

Day 4: Unexpected Twists and Tequila Adventures

Now, Day 4 was supposed to be all about whale watching with Del Mar Charters. But nope, Captain Oscar called it off ’cause of some gnarly swells from the storm. Bummer!

But hey, silver lining – my daughter’s buddy is on a mission for pomegranate tequila, so off we trot to the Tequila Factory. Tastings galore, and boom, we’re sold on the pomegranate potion. Turns out, it’s as good as it sounds.

And of course, we couldn’t resist a pit-stop at La Curva for lunch. Service? Top-notch. Flan? To die for.

Later, we heard JJ’s Cantina got a new owner, so naturally, we had to snoop around. Met Caesar, the bartender, who spilled all the beans about his hometown, his adventures, and the deep-sea fishing scene in La Paz.

Then, off to Wrecked at the Reef for some more fun where the vibes are off the charts. Seriously, everyone we crossed paths with down there – total gems.

Day 5: Shrimp & Cocktails – Rocky Point Heaven!

Day 5 rolled in, and guess where we found ourselves? Back at Colin’s Cantina for their famous coconut shrimp and killer cocktails. It’s practically our second home at this point.

Twenty-Five Years of Rocky Point Bliss!

Been hitting up Puerto Penasco resorts for over 25 years now, and let me tell you, it’s the ultimate vacay spot.

Next up? Already planning the next trip for August – deep-sea fishing, here we come! Can’t wait to reel in some monsters and soak up more of that Puerto Peñasco magic.

So yeah, if you’re looking for a chill escape with amazing food, friendly faces, and killer vibes, Puerto Penasco is your jam. See you on the beach!

By Diana Bird – Your guide to beachside bliss and salty adventures!

Takeaway: Diana’s journey is as flavorful & fulfilling as a perfectly crafted Mexican burrito 😊

  • Tortilla: The sunny and relaxed atmosphere of Puerto Penasco.
  • Filling: A delicious mix of grilled flounder, onion rings, coconut shrimp, and flan, representing the tasty food experiences.
  • Salsa: A sprinkle of unexpected events like the canceled whale watching and rain shower, adding a dash of flavor.
  • Guacamole: The friendly locals and good vibes at each place, making everything extra creamy and enjoyable.
  • Lime Wedge: Diana’s enthusiasm and personal connection to Rocky Point, giving the taco a zesty twist.