Where to get the Best Fresh Seafood in Puerto Penasco

Most people visiting Puerto Penasco will stay in either a condo or a house, which means you will have access to a full kitchen and BBQ grill. Take advantage and prepare your own delicious fresh seafood while you visit Rocky Point!

What is the best place to buy your fresh seafood in Rocky Point?

While you’re in Puerto Penasco

For fresh seafood to cook during your stay in Puerto Penasco try Jessy’s Fish Market.

Although there are several places in town to buy seafood most people seem to agree that Jessy’s fish market is the best place in town to get fresh seafood.

People tell us they offer good quality, fair prices and they are honest.

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If you want to take seafood back home

If you want to bring seafood back to the states then try Pesquera Mar De Cortez. They sell fresh seafood flash frozen in dry ice. The dry ice will keep it frozen for several hours.

People say the quality is excellent and prices are reasonable. They offer a wide variety of seafood choices and they speak English and take credit cards.

Cooking ideas

Have you tried the popular aguachile dish in Puerto Penasco?

First, what is aguachile?

Aguachile literally means “chile water”. It is a Mexican dish made with fresh shrimp marinated in a chiltepin pepper-lime mixture and topped with slices of red onions and cucumbers.

What is the difference between aguachile and ceviche?

Ceviche and aguachile are very similar but there are some differences. Ceviche is raw fish or shrimp marinated in lime juice for 20 minutes up to several hours. Aguachile is also made with raw shrimp or fish and is prepared with a chile marinade but unlike ceviche it is served immediately while still completely raw.

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If you enjoy watching cooking shows you may have seen Patti’s Mexican Table before.

Patti visited Puerto Penasco a couple of years ago and was joined by some of the best chefs in Puerto Penasco that introduced her to some of Puerto Penasco’s most popular dishes, such as aguachile and pescado zarandeado.

When you are visiting Puerto Penasco, you can easily make your own aguachile or pescado zarandeado but if you are not up for cooking you will find it at most seafood restaurants in town. Depending on where you go, you will find different variations of these dishes.

Just a few simple ingredients are needed, and you should have all the basic cooking utensils in your condo :)