The beautiful beaches of Puerto Penasco


If you’re visiting Puerto Penasco, the beaches in and around town without question are going to be the highlight of your trip.

You will get a beautiful mix of sandy beaches, lively beaches that are popular with tourists, as well as quiet beaches where you can spend some intimate time with family and friends.

While most people will be content to stay at their hotel beach, relaxing under their personal palapa having a cold margarita, there are some who prefer to move around and see what other great beaches there are to explore!

In Mexico all beaches are public so you’re free to explore any beach you like and walk the shoreline for hours!

Sandy Beach: Sandy beach is a beautiful beach in Rocky Point and is a very popular beach in and around Puerto Penasco. This is where most of the beachfront condo resorts are located and you will find miles of sandy beaches. You will be able to enjoy a leisurely day on the sand or you can also engage in some water sports. There are a lot of activities available at this beautiful beach area, including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, fishing and more.

Sandy Beach Puerto Penasco


Playa Bonita / Playa Hermosa: This is one of the most popular beaches in Rocky Point, receiving the greatest number of tourists. It extends from the Penasco Del Sol resort to the condominium resorts on Sandy beach. The two main access points are located at the spot known as “Los Palacios” next to Las Palomas Beach & Golf resort and the other one is at “Los Guardados”. Steps have been built at these access points to facilitate entry. There is another entry along a walkway between Penasco del Sol and Gamma seafood restaurant. Sun shade rentals and an array of water sport activities are available here. Lots of restaurants, bars and shops are within walking distance from this beach.

Playa Hermosa Puerto Penasco

Mirador Beach: Located right around the corner from the Old Port, this beach offers several beach access points throughout the Mirador area but primarily toward the end of the Mirador intersecting with Ave Sinaloa. This beach offers both sandy and rocky areas that are excellent for tide pooling when the tide is low. This area is home to many of the town’s favorite night spots such as Manny’s, Pink Cadillac, the Pithaya, and Baja Cantina.

El Mirador Beach Puerto Penasco
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La Cholla: This beach is located at the southern end of Cholla Bay and Laguna del Mar and it’s mostly a community of people from the US. Most of the beaches here are rocky but are very popular due to the very calm waters. There is also a submerged 15 mile reef which provides a good opportunity for scuba diving and snorkeling. The tidal ranges here are very high which present an excellent opportunity for exploring the tide pools and also due to its prevailing winds and shallow water it’s excellent for kite sailing. There are several restaurants and bars here and Cholla Bay is home to the famous JJ’s cantina. A boat launch is also available. Also a great fishing spot for red snapper, whitefish, halibut, gold spotted bass and black sea bass.

Las Conchas: Located in the community of Las Conchas this 6 mile long stretch of beach is mostly sandy and shallow, you can walk way out in many places even when the tide is not out. Lots of shells here and good fishing. During the months of March, April and May watch out for stingrays here as they tend to be half buried in the sand along shallow beaches such as Las Conchas. The best way to avoid them is to drag your feet while walking in the water, they will feel you coming and will get out of your way.

Mi Playa: To get to Mi Playa, take the dirt road off Boulevard Fremont and follow the signs. This beach offers parking and a number of palapas to provide shade on a sunny afternoon. Currents are stronger here so it’s not recommended children swim in this spot.

Playa La Joya: If you are looking for serenity and beautiful scenery then this is the beach for you. Playa La Jolla offers a perfect place to take in the sun, go for a walk, collect shells. While close to town, it is not uncommon to find yourself almost alone on this beautiful beach.

Playa Encanto: One of the most beautiful beaches in Rocky Point. Located right next to Playa La Joya and about 12 miles from Puerto Peñasco, this beach offers the same quietness and peacefulness as its neighbor beach. The beach here is wide, sandy, and rock free. Two beautiful condominium resorts are located here: Luna Blanca and Encanto.

Playa Encanto Puerto Penasco

Playa Dorada: Almost a 30 minute drive from Rocky Point this beach is wide, sandy and covered in sea shells. Like all the beaches surrounding this area, it’s quiet and solitary. Perfect for a meditation walk.

Playa Miramar: Just below Playa Dorada, also quiet and serene with wide sandy beaches. Some of the few residential houses in these areas are located in Playa Dorada and Playa Miramar.

Playa Miramar Puerto Penasco

Mayan Palace: About a 35 minute drive from Puerto Penasco and located in the La Pinta Estuary at kilometer 24 along the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca highway. Here you will find the massive resort development Mayan Palace. It includes about 2 miles of pristine beach front. Being in the La Pinta estuary, this area is home to abundant marine life and many different species of birds.

Playa San Jorge: Located across the bay from the Mayan Palace resort and about an hour drive form Puerto Peñasco. This beach is located on the San Jorge estuary, the beaches here are just as beautiful as those of Playa Encanto. With only some development in this area you will definitely find solitude here. There are no vendors or restaurants here so make sure you have your own shade, water, food and sunscreen. Be ready for some excellent bird watching!

Pelican Beach: This beach is located beginning north of town and it fronts the Laguna Shores development along the curve in Cholla Bay. Here you will find the pristine Cholla estuary alive with abundant wildlife. Estuaries in Rocky Point are threatened by the rapid growth in the area so make sure to help keep this area as clean and as pure as it is today so the infinite wild life that resides here can continue to call this extraordinary place its home. This beach receives its name because of the large number of brown pelicans that are found here. It is a good place to go clamming or crabbing. This stretch of beach curves to the southwest until it reaches the La Cholla community. From the main highway north out of town, take the clearly marked turn off going to Laguna Shores/Laguna del Mar.

Tucson Beach: Located in Cholla Bay this small stretch of beach is perfect for wading and swimming due to its very calm waters when the tide is in. When the tide is down it will reveal its rocky landscape where it’s common to see families of sea lions relaxing on these rock.

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