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By giving you honest, detailed and up to date information about Puerto Penasco we make sure that the accommodations and activities you choose for your trip are the right fit and value for you and your family.

We understand feeling safe and protected while driving in a foreign country is a priority for you and your family. This is why along with your hotel reservations, we also offer you high quality Mexico auto insurance.

Our policies present you with choices for several top rated insurers as well as easy to understand explanations of every item covered.


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Hi and thank you for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to help you with your Rocky Point Mexico travel plans.

We have been specializing in helping our customers plan the perfect Puerto Penasco vacation since 1994. Wow! It’s hard to believe it has been almost 27 years!

Our team knows Puerto Penasco well and we enjoy visiting Rocky Point as much as we can. We love sharing our knowledge of the area and giving you exceptional customer service.

We are here to make sure you feel happy and satisfied with your vacation choice and that we answer all your questions.

Please go ahead and ask everything you want. Whether you just want information or are ready to book your next vacation we are here to help!


Our Story

When we started almost 27 years ago we were working out of our 2 bedroom apartment in Scottsdale, AZ. At that time Rocky Point only had a handful of hotels. Most of the Sandy Beach luxury resorts were not there.

As our business grew and the demand for Rocky Point Mexico became larger we made the hard decision to move to Ajo, AZ.

Moving to Ajo was difficult because at the time we were in our 20’s with no kids, living in a town of 2000 people with hardly anything to do. We could really see the potential in that move though!

Not having much to do for entertainment left us with work as our only activity. We first rented an office right next to one of the Mexican Insurance businesses in Ajo.

After this change we continued to see even a larger increase in our business. At that point we decided to make an even bigger move and build our own office on the highway in Ajo. We decided to add the town’s first and only Mexican Auto Insurance business in Ajo with a drive thru window.

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Moving forward

Over the years we have helped thousands of happy customers, we have lived through the ups and downs of the economy, people coming and going, family losses and gains, lives taking different shapes and directions but we are still here :)

We look forward to the next 20 years as we see this once sleepy fishing village of Rocky Point continue to become a first class resort destination and possibly in the near future a major cruise destination!

Thank you again for visiting our website! We are grateful you continue to choose us. We will continue making sure we live up to your expectations of excellent service.

Making your travel plans easier and more affordable is our top priority!

Thank you for stopping by :)
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