Attractions in Puerto Penasco
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Discover the Tidepools

Exploring Rocky Point’s many tide pools is an activity you will really enjoy doing especially with your kids. In case you don’t know tide pools are areas on rocks by the ocean that are filled with seawater. Children will love seeing what might be hiding between the rocks. The best time to see these little creatures are during low tides as they reveal wider beaches and pools alive with native marine life such as hermit crabs, sea hares and sea anemones.

Famous for its dramatic tidal fluctuation, Puerto Penasco’s waters offer a great opportunity to explore the amazing array of plants and animals that reside within the intertidal rocky reef. You will observe different species depending on whether you explore in the daylight hours or night time.

Cedo intercultural offers a guided tide pool ecotour led by experienced naturalists. This informative and exploratory tour is a whole lot of fun for kids and adults alike. For more information contact CEDO 520-320-5473

Tide Pool Tour Puerto Penasco

Pinacate Biosphere

Considered one of the 13 wonders of Mexico and the fourth largest biosphere reserve in Mexico, the Pinacate Volcanic range is a site you have to see. This natural protected area includes over 30 square miles of volcanic fields and several large craters.

This volcanic biosphere has the largest concentration of maar craters in the world. The Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve has the largest sand dune fields in North America. Here you will find the unusual star dunes that only exist in a few places around the world. Also considered the most bio-diverse desert in the world.

You can explore this volcanic area by car where you will see the craters El Elegante and Cerro Colorado, volcanos like El Tecolote and Cono Mayo, incredible landscapes covered in ash and lava flows, and if you observe carefully you will see the flora and fauna that give life to El Pinacate. If you choose to do the full drive it’s about 44 miles long round trip, it lasts about 3 hours and can be accessed in any type of vehicle. Make sure you have enough gas and water. The entry fee to the park is about 54.00 pesos (currently about $3.50 us).

You may also choose to join a guided tour to El Pinacate biosphere with an experienced naturalist. A guide will explain to you the geological processes that created the landscape, while taking a closer look at the fascinating flora and fauna of the Sonora Desert. You will learn about the different species of trees, wildflowers and cacti, while keeping any eye out for wildlife such as snakes, tortoises, pronghorn antelope, big horn sheep, desert birds and amazing insects. A guided tour includes transportation, admission, lunch and a beverage, binoculars and trip insurance. It normally lasts about 6 hours and costs about $60.00 per person.

Camping sites are also available as well as an 8.5 mile bike path.

The Pinacate biosphere is located on kilometer 52 on highway 8 (Penasco-Sonoyta). It’s 20 minutes from Puerto Peñasco.

Guided tours available through 520-320-5473 and Pinacate Biosphere

Tours also offered by Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736

El Pinacate Biosphere Rocky Point Mexico

Bird Watching at Morua Estuary

Located about fifteen minutes southeast of Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point) on the Sea of Cortez is the Estero Mourua (Morua Estuary). One of the few untouched estuaries left in the Northern Gulf of California, the Morua estuary is a habitat for a wide range of species of flora and fauna, it provides a “nursery” for commercial species like shrimp, mollusks, crabs, and fish, and provides migrating birds a place to rest and look for food during their travels.

At about 2700 acres this ecosystem hosts over 140 species of resident and migratory birds of which 11 species are federally protected. Kayaking through the estuary provides an excellent opportunity for bird watching for people of all ages as the kayaks are gently pushed through the wetlands of this ecosystem. Bird watchers will enjoy kayaking at eye level among hundreds of birds.

The estuary is also known for its organic oysters. Here you will find El Barco Restaurant which is a women only cooperative. These women have dedicated themselves to the sustainable cultivation of oysters for over 30 yeas. Here you will be able to enjoy an exquisite ceviche prepared with fresh and clean, unpolluted oysters. They also offer ceviche tostadas, develfish tacos, quesadillas and oysters on the half shell.

If you drive here by yourself you need to know the roads are a bit rugged and it’s best to have a 4X4 vehicle. You may also take a guided estuary kayaking tour from CEDO. The tour includes transportation and kayak rental as well as an experienced guide. It lasts about 5 hours and it costs 50.00 per person or 70.00 per person with lunch. Guided tours are available only during high tide.

Kayak tours to the estuary also offered by Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736 about 30.00 per person

Estero Morua Rocky Point Mexico

Oyster Farm Experience

Punta Roja is a sustainable oyster farm  located on a scenic point at the eastern end of the Morua estuary.  Become an oyster farmer for a day with the help of the Punta Roja cooperative members.  Learn all about oysters, from its history and biology, to the cultivation, harvesting and cooking of this delicious shellfish.  During this experience you will open the cultivation boxes and help with the cleaning and separation of the oysters by size.  You will then choose the oysters you like the most and prepare them there using one of their delicious recipes.  You will also have the opportunity to spot many bird species and learn more about this ecosystem.

Enjoy and support this beautiful, natural and bio diverse ecosystem that is potentially threatened by the over development and rapid growth of the Rocky Point area.

CEDO offers a guided tour to this oyster experience and it includes transportation, seafood or alternative lunch and a beverage, binoculars, trip insurance and experienced guide.  Tour lasts about 5 hours and is $50.00 per person,  Great activity to do with the kids!

Punta Roja Oyster Experience

Hiking the Sand Dunes

On the way to becoming a United Nations International Heritage Sight, the Pinacate and Great Desert of Altar Biosphere Reserve offer a fantastic opportunity for exploring the largest sand dunes field in North America. This is a challenging but highly rewarding hike. Stand in awe before beautiful star dunes and be taken aback by the Sonoran desert landscape! The sand dunes are located only about 20 minutes from Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point Mexico)

You may venture out on this hike on your own or better yet CEDO offers a guided tour where you will get an insight into the fascinating geology in action of this region, while learning about the unique flora and fauna, and looking for desert animal tracks and other traces of life. The tour costs $50.00 per person, it’s about 5 to 6 hours long and it includes transportation, admission into Biosphere Reserve, lunch and a beverage, binoculars, trip insurance and experienced guide.

Tours also offered by Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736

Hiking the Sand Dunes Puerto Penasco
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Bird Island

Located 28 miles form Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) by boat you will find Bird Island or Isla San Jorge. The island is formed of a series of iceberg like rocks that are home to various species of dolphins and a colony of about 2500 California sea lions.

Bird Island is one of the 898 protected islands in the Gulf and holds an abundant diversity of flora and fauna. Sea birds such as boobies, cormorants, red-billed tropic birds, and brown pelicans are common to this island.

Snorkeling in this protected rocky reef habitat you will see lots of colorful fish and marine invertebrates. But the highlight of this trip is having a curious sea lion jump into the water and come to greet you. If you come to Rocky Point in the spring you will see lots of baby sea lions. If you prefer not to get wet you can also observe the wild life up close from a kayak or paddle board.

In winter, from January to March, you will also have the chance of seeing whales! Many species migrate to the Northern Gulf to feed, such as the majestic fin whale that is the second biggest animal on Earth.

CEDO Intercultural offers boat tours to Bird Island for $100.00 per person, lasts 6 hours and includes transportation, snorkeling equipment (wet-suits not included), lunch and a beverage, binoculars, trip insurance and birding Scope for the group.

Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736 about 95.00 per person

Del Mar Charters 520-407-6054 Price: $85.00 per adult, children under 12 $55.00 each Lunch(burritos), soft drinks, bottled water, beer and margaritas are included. Restroom available on boat.

Santiagos Ocean Services US 602-324-9558 From Mexico 638-388-5318

Bird Island Rocky Point Mexico