Things to do in land in Puerto Penasco
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Four Wheeling

Riding an ATV allows you to explore even the most rugged terrain, four wheeling opens a whole world of possibilities for exploring Puerto Penasco. Surrounded by desert and sand Rocky Point provides a great off-roading landscape. One of the most fun places to go four wheeling is competition hill located right next to Cholla Bay. You can basically race up and down this 300 foot long sandy hill with a 30 degree slope all day and all night.

Riding on the beach is no longer allowed but there are plenty of off-road spots around the town. You can ride behind the beaches at Playa Encanto, Cholla Bay, Sandy Beach and Las Conchas. But keep in mind only off road riding is allowed in these areas.

Quad, side by side and sand rail rentals are available all throughout the town. Rental prices average about $20.00 for a quad and about $40.00 for a side by side per hour.

Four Wheeling

Ultralight Flying

Ultralight planes are very light weight aircrafts used for sport and recreation.  The flying is low and slow and is done during the day.  There are no window or windshields, so looking forward and to the sides you see only the sky and the beautiful ocean waters of Puerto Penasco, you feel the wind gently on your face.

You might think this experience is only for people looking to push the boundaries of danger but that’s not the case at all.  When renting an ultralight flight in Rocky Point you will not be flying alone, you will be riding with an experienced pilot who gives professional ultra light rides to tourists. The view is spectacular; the sense of flying is exhilarating.

Flights normally last about 8-15 minutes and cost around $50.00.  Typically the people who do the rentals for jet skis and para sailing also do ultralight flights.

Sonoran Scuba located at the Sonoran Sea Resort can be reached at 602-445-6382 ext 2100 or from Mexico 638-382-8251 they also offer ultralight flight tours.

Ultralight Flights in Puerto Penasco

Horseback Riding

E njoy the experience of riding a horse while you make a journey through Puerto Penasco’s sandy beaches.  Feel the gentle wind blowing on your face as the delicate mist from the blue waters of the ocean cools your skin.  Few activities are more relaxing and peaceful than horseback riding on the beach.

Whether you want a fun family activity or wait until sunset to add some romance to your day you will love the experience of horseback riding.

You can book a ride anywhere on the beach, you’ll see the horses passing by every couple of hours or so.  Just wave them down.  Rates vary but average is about $20.00 to $25.00 for half an hour.
Horseback riding in Puerto Penasco
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Braids on the Beach

This is a really fun thing to do especially with little girls and very inexpensive.  Get your beach braid look from one of the many ladies walking the beaches of Rocky Point.  They carry a book with photos of the different styles you can choose.  Normally two women will braid your hair and they are very fast!  And the best part is it costs 10.00 to 15.00 for average length hair and you can always negotiate the price.

Braids on the Beach

Beach Front Massages

This is a must do while you vacation in Rocky Point.  Picture your self lying under a shady umbrella on the beautiful sandy beach as the gentle sounds of the ocean soothe your soul, a gentle sea breeze passes over your body, as the soft touch of your masseuse rubs out all stress away.  Sound like a dream? It’s not, you can have this very experience on the beach in Puerto Penasco.

And the best part is you can have your massage on your own time, no planning required.  Just wave down one of the ladies whey you’re ready and you’re set.  Massages normally cost about 20.00 for half an hour and 40.00 for an hour.

Massage on the Beach
Massage on the Beach

Golf Courses

Puerto Penasco offers three world-class golf courses along the coast. The scenery is spectacular, all have beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez and surrounding mountains. Prominent architects and players designed these championship layouts.

Vidanta Golf Puerto Penasco

The Links at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

The Club at Islas Del Mar

Mini Golf at Casa Blanca