Boat Tours in Puerto Penasco
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Boat Tours

Sunset Cruises

If you come to Rocky Point, and you plan on experiencing a majestic sunset that will leave you speechless and in the moment then this is for you. Rocky Point sunsets are known worldwide as some of the most spectacular sunsets.

The best way to experience these magnificent sunsets is on a sunset cruise. During your cruise you will enjoy having a relaxing drink with a high chance of seeing dolphins or a lazy sea lion and maybe even a whale during whale season. After the sun has set on the horizon, behind the mountains of the Baja Peninsula you will enjoy taking in the beautiful city lights.

Sunset cruises normally last between 1 and a half to 2 hours and depart between 4:00pm and 5:00pm depending on the season. Some companies will offer an afternoon sale around noon if you’re interested in an earlier sailing.

These are some of the companies that offer sunset cruises in Rocky Point along with the rates advertised on their websites at the time of this printing

Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736. Open bar, soft drinks and snacks are served. $25.00 per person.

Del Mar Charters Sails daily aboard a 42 foot catamaran. 520-407-6054 Price: $35.00 per adult, children under 12 $20.00 each Soft drinks, bottled water, beer and Margaritas included

Santiagos Ocean Services US 602-324-9558 From Mexico 638-388-5318. Prices vary according to the type of trip you choose. Boats can accommodate from 8 to 80 people.

Senorita Rita 602-357-0898 Open bar that includes margaritas, Mai tai, soft drinks and draft beer as well as a sub sandwich. Adults $30, children $10. Boat can also be booked for private parties.

Bird Island Tours

While visiting Puerto Peñasco you have to take a trip to the famous Isla San Jorge better known as Bird Island. Bird Island has been decreed a Reserved Area of Shelter for migratory animals and wild fauna and has been featured on the Discovery channel and Animal Planet. The islands are located 27 miles south east of Rocky Point, and about 11 miles from the shoreline. Bird Island is home to over 3500 sea lions, one of the biggest colonies in the Golf of California and about 20 different species of birds migrate here including tropic birds, brown pelicans, frigates, marine swallow, blue and gray footed boobies, seagulls and more. Also common visitors to the island are dolphins, sting rays and even whales during whale season.

This is a great place to scuba dive and snorkel due to the grate variety of fish and other sea life found in this area. Or if you prefer to stay dry you can also kayak around the islands and take in the beautiful scenery.

Most tours take between 4 to 6 hours round trip and some offer open bar and lunch included with their rates.

These are some of the boat tour companies that go to Bird Island:

Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736

Del Mar Charters 520-407-6054 Price: $85.00 per adult, children under 12 $55.00 each Lunch(burritos), soft drinks, bottled water, beer and margaritas are included. Restroom available on boat.

Santiagos Ocean Services US 602-324-9558 From Mexico 638-388-5318

Whale Watching

If you’ve never tried whale watching before then you definitely are in for a treat and the best part is you don’t have to travel to some far away destination to enjoy this once in a life time experience. The warm waters of the Sea of Cortez offer a safe sanctuary for migratory whales that come from the Bering Sea to have their babies in the winter. The whales mate and have their babies and then return north again. This behavior creates a great opportunity for whale watching in the waters of Puerto Penasco. The best time to enjoy these amazing mammals is during January through March. Fin whales and gray whales are the most common visitors to these waters although you may see other species as well.

While you may be able to see whales breaching (jumping out of the water), spy-hopping and basking in the warm water right from your balcony this experience is best enjoyed by booking a whale watching excursion. Whale watching companies offer up-close encounters with whales. Whale watchers often reach out of the boats and physically touch a whale. This delicate ecosystem offers many maritime sights and sounds, including shell-strewn beaches and spectacular bird-watching.

A quick tip to make your experience more enjoyable is to wear clothes in layers, and remove as the temperature changes (temperature changes fast when you’re this close to open sea). Wear non-slip shoes when on the boats. Carry a camera at all times.

So come down to Rocky Point in the winter and enjoy this life changing experience. You’ll be happy you did!

These are some of the companies that offer this excursion. Most of them include food and open bar during your trip.

Eco Fun Rentals Land and Sea Excursions Mexico: (638) 388 9699 USA: (602) 635 3736

Del Mar Charters 520-407-6054

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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) is an excellent location for fishing. This area is surrounded by islands, reefs and estuaries. Many different kinds of fish inhabit the waters of the Sea of Cortez but the most popular are sierra mackerel, trigger fish, corvina, grouper, spotted seabass, red snapper, whitefish and halibut. Boats that travel far from shore will also find dorado and marlin.

You can charter a fishing boat or fishing from shore or beach can also be very good. Guided fishing boats will take you to the right places where fish are bountiful. One of the most ideal place for sport fishing is Bird Island (San Jorge Island). If you charter a fishing boat they will clean, fillet and bag your fish. Rods, reels, bait, tackle and permits and insurance are included on these boats. Scheduled and private charters are available.

If you prefer to fish from town the best places to do it is the port and estuaries. You can fish right off the rocks at El Malecon (Old Port) or right from the shore at one of the many beaches or estuaries. If you are fishing from shore, it is best to do when the tide is either going in or going out and when the high and low tides fluctuate the most. You may view tide chart here.

Some of companies that offer fishing tours:

Del Mar Charters 520-407-6054

Santiagos Ocean Services US 602-324-9558 From Mexico 638-388-5318