Rocky Point Travel Tips

  • The speed limit while driving thru Sonoyta is 40km (25mph) and in some areas it drops down to 20km (12mph). The road is very carefully monitored so make sure to watch for posted signs! Drive carefully and do full stops at stop signs. If you do get pulled over for speeding pay your ticket at the police station.
  • In Puerto Penasco the main roads speed limits are between 40km and 60km (25mph and 37mph). Again watch for posted signs and make full stops at stop signs and train tracks.
  • To be on the safe side always stop at four way crossings in Puerto Penasco regardless of whether you see a stop sign or not.
  • The Lukeville, Az border is opne daily from 6am to 8pm except for the following days in 2022 when it closes at 10pm
    July 1st and 4
    September 2 and 5
    October 7 and 10
    November 11 and 14
  • DO NOT carry guns or ammunition into Mexico. You will be arrested immediately and taken to jail. Even if you accidentally bring a bullet, you will be taken to jail, have to pay huge fines, and a penalty of up to 5 years in a Mexican prison.
  • Most likely your US insurance will not cover your vehicle in Mexico. Liability insurance is mandatory in Mexico. You need to have Mexican auto insurance to drive legally in Mexico. You can purchase here.
  • There are no jury trials in Mexico and getting arrested will not be much fun. Follow Mexico laws carefully.
  • If you bring recreational vehicles with you including ATVs, Jet Skis, Boats or similar, make sure you have your title with you proving ownership.
  • Rocky Point is very safe but use common sense and don’t leave any valuables inside your vehicle.
  • If you have pets bring rabies shots vaccination records.
  • Watch for sting rays and jelly fish during the warmer months. We suggest you always shuffle your feet when going in the ocean.
  • Currently you need either your US passport OR your US birth certificate and driver’s license when crossing the border back to the US.
  • If possible travel during the daylight hours.
  • Don’t drink the tap water or brush your teeth with it. If you can bring your own bottled water.
  • Bring plenty of cash in small bills. All the beach vendors only take cash and they usually don’t have change.
  • You will find most of the vendors for jet skis, banana boats, ATV’s, parasailing, beach massages, etc. along Sandy Beach.
  • Rocky Point loves tourists just be sure to be polite and avoid trouble. Don’t break any laws and enjoy all the wonderful things Puerto Penasco has to offer.