April 30, 2016

Sprint, Olympic and Relay

One of the mostly highly anticipated activities in Puerto Peñasco is the annual Spring Rocky Point Triathlon.  The Rocky Point Triathlon at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort was voted one of the top triathlons by Triathlete Magazine.  With its beautiful sandy beaches, relaxed atmosphere and the best post race party, this is the ideal race for veterans and first timers alike who want to experience something different than the traditional triathlon races.

This event features a Sprint distance triathlon and an Olympic distance. The finish takes place 200 yards from the beach, right in front of the Las Palomas resort where cold beer, food and music will await you.


The swim takes place in the Sea of Cortes in front of Las Palomas Resort.  If the water temperature is 84.0 degrees or higher, the use of wet-suits will be prohibited for safety purposes.

Triathlon Swim
Bike Route Triathlon


The Bike section of the race will be on a flat looped course on the Las Palomas resort roads and it will be closed to traffic.  The Sprint race will consist of 1 9,5 mile loop.  The Olympic race will be 3 9,5 mile loops.


The run section of the race is on the rolling cart paths of the Las Palomas resort golf course.  The 5K & 10K running races will use the same course as the triathlons.

5K route Triathlon
10K Route Triathlon


Olympic Distance Triathlon

  • 1000 meter swim
  • 26 mile road bike
  • 6.2 mile run

Sprint Distance Triathlon

  • 500 meter swim
  • 9.4 mile road bike
  • 3.1 mile run

5K & 10K Run Courses


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