A Weekend at Encantame Towers



My family and I love going to Rocky Point almost every year. We love staying in the Playa Encanto area.

It’s about 25 minutes from Rocky Point but we don’t mind it at all.

We love the beautiful, secluded beaches there. It’s so peaceful and quiet.

We especially like that there are no vendors at all in this area. We feel comfortable leaving our belongings on the lounge chairs while we go for a swim, and we’re not concerned about anyone taking them.

When we are there, we feel like we almost have the beach all to ourselves!

The drive down

We drove down from Tucson at the end of February. It only took us about 2 and a half hours to get to the border. The road trip to the border was uneventful.

Crossing the border also went without any issues. We did get the red light at the border so our vehicle got searched by Mexican customs but no problems at all there.

I don’t know if you know this but when you cross the border if you get the green traffic light your vehicle doesn’t get searched and you can keep on driving but if you get the red traffic light your vehicle gets searched for any non allowed or illegal items.

After we crossed the border and started our drive through Sonoita we got pulled over by the Mexican police. They said I was speeding. I spoke with them and told them I was driving at the speed limit and explained how they were in the wrong. After trying to clarify things for a while, they let us go and told us to proceed with more caution and we were on our way.

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Our arrival at the hotel

We arrived at Encantame Towers around 2pm.

The entrance to Encantame Towers is before you get to Puerto Penasco. We first went through one guard gate that takes you to all the houses and hotels in that area. They asked for our name and confirmation number and then they let us in. It’s about 6 more miles from the first guard gate to Encantame Towers.

The road from the first guard gate to Encantame Towers is paved and well maintained.

At the hotel we were received with a welcome packet, and they gave us all the information and details about staying at the hotel. The employees were always very friendly and polite, and they have excellent customer service.

We got to our condo, and it was beautiful! Very modern and clean furnishings!


After we got settled we went for a walk on the beach which is very clean, no trash at all! The kids had a lot of fun digging in the sand and looking for seashells.

We decided to go to the hotel’s restaurant for some appetizers. The restaurant is very clean, and they have a big menu with lots of options. We ordered soup, nachos, flan, wine and a delicious mezcal cocktail. I thought the prices were not bad. We paid around $50 with tip.

After we ate, we went to the pool. The kids had a lot of fun in the pool even when the weather started to get cooler after the sun went down. The pools are heated so it felt nice being in the water.

The hotel grounds are first class and again all hotel employees made us feel at home!

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The Next Day

The next day we went into Puerto Penasco to buy fish and shrimp to cook at the hotel. It took us about 25 minutes to drive from the hotel to the Malecon where we purchased our seafood.

The prices vary depending on what you choose. We paid about $10 for 2 pounds of fish filet and about $20 for two pounds of shrimp.

While we were there, we had delicious “cocos preparados”. We got them on our way to the Malecon. They have coconuts with fruit for $7 and coconuts with fish and shrimp for $10.

After getting our seafood we went to the grocery store to get some vegetables and other ingredients we needed to cook our food at the hotel.

Before we headed back to our hotel we had to make a stop at my favorite place in Rocky Point, Tacos Brisa. They have all kinds of tacos, quesadillas, and stuffed potatoes at very reasonable prices. We enjoyed a full meal for 4 people for about $20!!

Our condo had everything we needed to prepare our seafood. That night we enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal with some good drinks while we watched the sunset.

Our Last Day

On our last day after we cooked breakfast in our condo we went down to the pool where we spent the full day playing in the pool and the beach.

We enjoyed some drinks at the pool bar. Again, I thought the prices were reasonable. About $8 a drink.

That day we stayed in and we ate some of the food and snacks we brought with us.

Checking out

The hotel staff told us how much they appreciated our stay, and we had a speedy check out. The drive back went very easy and we had almost no wait at the border.

All in all we really enjoyed our first stay at Encantame Towers. We felt very comfortable and relaxed. We hope to be back again soon!

Written by Gustavo Portillo

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