Puerto Penasco at a Glance

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The predominant language is Spanish but English is spoken by most of the people in the service industry such as Puerto Penasco hotels, restaurants, bars, street vendors, etc.

The currency in Puerto Penasco is the Mexican peso but all the local merchants accept US dollars and actually prefer them. Most restaurants and bars also publish their rates in US dollars.

In some cases you can save a few dollars by exchanging your US dollars to pesos. This would be useful with merchants that quote you the price in pesos. You can do it in advance at your local bank or in Rocky Point at a bank’s ATM machine.

Any time you can use your credit card in Puerto Penasco. Your bank gives you the highest exchange rate on that day. Check with your bank first to see how much the international fees are as they can sometimes be high, making the use of a credit card in Mexico not worth it.

Puerto Penasco’s almost perfect weather typically varies from 56°F to 95°F and is rarely below 50°F or above 99°F.

However, the best weather is from the end of March to June and then again in October.

In the 1920’s John Stone from Ajo, Az came to Puerto Penasco to build a hotel & casino to profit on the people who came over the border to escape prohibition.

During his time in Puerto Penasco John Stone built a well and started a flight service from Phoenix and Tucson to bring Americans to Mexico to gamble and drink.

It is said that everything was going very well until Stone and the locals started to have differences they couldn’t resolve. For this reason Stone left Rocky Point but not before burning down the hotel and blowing up the water well.

The story goes that during the time John Stone was in Puerto Penasco Al Capone frequented the area and used the village as a transfer point to get liquor to his organization.

Experience World Design Class Golf Courses with spectacular dunes by the Sea and Tennis Courts that can be used year round.

If you like driving jump into an adventurous jeep drive in the dunes. Just remember that this is natural protected area, a dream place for bird watchers and nature photographers.

Feel free to hire an expert to guide you through a recreational and learning exploration hike.

Puerto Peñasco is a gastronomic destination, it was founded by fishermen in the 1930´s and has become a culinary destination.

You will have access to the highest quality produce and the freshest catch of the day dishes as well as new trend creations.

The area has local sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

Resorts and Restaurants have hired world class educated chefs who have been creative and adapted local cuisine using ancestral ingredients such as the mezquite flower. Remember; there is much more hidden in a cactus.

You can always go to the fish market and try traditional fresh seafood dishes such as long broth, seafood bisque and grilled fish.

If you want to keep it local, discover local spirits such as Bacanora tequila and Mexican wines from the Guadalupe Valley in Baja.

Explore and experience biodiversity, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, bird watching, kayaking, explore the tide pools, swim with sea lions, explore an oyster farm and estuary excursion, visit the volcanic region el el Pinacate and this is only the beginning.

All resorts have WIFI connections on their grounds and most of them inside the condos. A few of them offer business centers where you can connect outside your room.


Rocky Point has it all, we guide you to choose where to stay and we can arrange a customized experience.

The best rooms are awaiting, flower arrangements, room service, special treats.

Find a place with perfect views to enjoy the sunset from your private jacuzzi.

Enjoy a sailing trip in the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, try delicious oysters or any other gourmet dish.

Dance the night away and celebrate at one of the open air bars.

Find an activity for each member of the family!

Enjoy quality time, relax and treat yourself to a spa treatment while the kids are in a sport outdoor activity. Swimming pools, lazy rivers, waterslides and water sports are awaiting for you.

There are also educational activities at the Desert and Ocean Center (CEDO) where you will find experts who offer educational talks and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Escape for a few nights and celebrate life with love.

Get romantic, find the perfect spot by the sea for a memorable moment. If you want to include others in the celebration, Rocky Point offers a variety of facilities and local vendors for dream weddings.

There is room for everyone, invite your guests to stay in a resort or large house. Check out our options and we can help you to pick the best one.