Looking for a FUN Activity to do in Rocky Point with Kids?

One of the highlights of the year for me is spending a couple of days in Rocky Point with my family. My children play on the beach, swim in the pool, and have an amazing time, while the adults sit back and enjoy the wonderful views this amazing place has to offer with a cocktail or two.

However, if you have been around young children, you know that there is only so much sun, sand, and swimming they can take before they are tired out and looking for something new to do.

On one of our many trips to this beach town, my husband and I decided to try one of the many sunset cruises we had seen sailing along the coast. Sitting by the beach we could hear the music and laughter and thought it would give us something different to do with the children.

Rocky Point Sunset cruise 2


After inquiring at the front desk, we discovered a wonderful pirate ship cruise that offered entertainment for the entire family!

These tours are known as sunset cruises in Rocky Point, but this pirate ship offers special entertainment for the kids.

The concierge service at the resort assisted us in making our reservations and buying our tickets. They had several sunset cruise options available, but this was the one they most recommended for kids. Interestingly, it was also the least expensive, and it offered the same amenities as the others.

We boarded the cruise ship at the pier near The Malecon (downtown). The concierge service instructed us as to the exact location to board the ship. We decided to drive our car and park it there, but we could have also chosen to take a taxi.

The pier location is somewhat hidden away from the main road and there isn’t much around it. With a little hesitation we decided to leave our car there, but some people may feel safer taking a taxi.

The boat itself looks like a pirate ship from the movies and once we were on board, the friendly crew offered us a boxed dinner, included in the cost of the tour, that consisted of either a salad or a sandwich, chips, and a drink.

We came to find out that the main allure for adults taking the cruise was the included open bar offered throughout the duration of the trip.

The ship sailed around the bay area while music played, the children danced, and played games. Meanwhile, we got to relax with a drink while enjoying the beautiful Rocky Point sunset.

After reaching Sandy Beach, the cruise turns around and goes back to the pier. The duration was approximately 2 hours.

When we got back, we noticed that the people who took a taxi ride there had to walk to the Malecon to catch a taxi because there weren’t any at the pier.

For visitors without children, similar cruises are offered, no pirates though. They all include a modest boxed dinner and an open bar. Prices range from $25 to $50 depending on the type of cruise you select. But I guarantee you, regardless of which type of cruise you select, you will have a great time!

You can also try contacting Rey Del Mar directly to make your cruise reservations.