My First Time Visiting Rocky Point


A First Timer’s Tale

Hey there, it’s me, Marc Price, a.k.a. Skippy from Family Ties, and I just had the “funnest” trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. Is “Funnest” a word? It is now!

But, shhh, don’t tell any Californians because it’s a secret that everyone in Arizona knows about.

The Beaches

First off, let me tell you, the beaches in Rocky Point are like Hawaii on steroids – good, great, and practically empty.

I rented an Airbnb in Las Conchas right on the beach, and it was the right move because it made me feel like I was king of the world with a private island.

I mean, who needs to be CEO of a major company or run a drug cartel – when you have pina coladas in delicious pineapples brought directly to you on the beach? ( and affordably, may I add).

The People and the Food

And let’s talk about the local people in Rocky Point. They’re so chill that they follow an unwritten law – don’t be a d&$k.

Follow that sage advice, and they’ll reward you with all sorts of treats, like special smoothies and the best chicken you’ll ever taste at Lucas Chicken. It’s like El Pollo Loco but it was 100 times better!


Now, let’s talk about the mainstays in Rocky Point, like JJ’s Cantina and Wrecked at the Reef. These places are worth visiting for the fun, food, drinks, and scenery that’s hard to beat.

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If you bring your dog

Don’t be surprised if you see some stray dogs running around the city. They’re healthy-looking, but you might want to keep an eye on them if you’ve got your dog with you on a leash – Most of the local dogs are chill too.

It’s a dog’s paradise cuz you can run on the beach without a leash and run mine did!

What I enjoyed the most

But, you know what the best part about Rocky Point is? The adventure, the relaxation and the food.

I rode 4×4 quads and enjoyed natural beauty.

Music -Blake Shelton – God’s Country


After my stay at the Airbnb was over, I was enjoying myself so much that I decided to go van camping for 4 more nights.

There are official RV parks to stay at that are ok, but they are crowded and sometimes I like to get away from everybody.

So I set out to find places suited for boondocking.

Not for the faint of heart in a foreign country with a reputation for being dangerous, but again I felt safer than in Los Angeles every moment of the trip!

Van camping in Rocky Point was an experience like no other. The freedom to explore the area at my own pace was liberating, and the stunning beauty of the desert landscape was awe-inspiring.

I felt connected to nature in a way that I never have before.

But, as with any adventure, there were challenges. Finding the perfect spot for boondocking required some ingenuity and a willingness to take risks. However, the rewards were well worth the effort.

At night, I would sit on the beach , listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and looking up at the stars above. It was a moment of pure bliss that I will never forget.

If you’re looking for an adventure that is both exhilarating and budget-friendly, I highly recommend van camping in Rocky Point.

Just remember to be respectful of the environment and the local community, and always leave everywhere better than you found it :)

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Is it Safe?

For those worried about crime, don’t be! I didn’t see any, and I’m seriously convinced it’s much safer than Los Angeles.

We hid planning this trip from my mom. She didn’t want me to go to Mexico, and everyone I told warned me of the dangers.

Ironically, while I was getting my oil changed in LA to leave for Rocky Point, there was a stand off in a building with a guy with a rifle and police cars shooting down the street – and I see scary people all the time outside 7-11.

Much better at Rocky Point, seriously.

Crossing the Border

Entering through Lukeville, below Gila Bend is relatively easy. Just bring your passport or enhanced license, proof of your dog’s shots if you bring your furry friend, and Mexican insurance.

The Moral of the Story

All in all, Rocky Point is a warm and hospitable place with serious fun and great scenery. I can’t wait to visit again! In fact, I want to visit every year if possible, forever!

If you’re looking for a fun, fiscally smart, and unforgettable adventure, Rocky Point is the place to be – but, shhh, don’t tell any Californians. It’s our little secret, and I’m not about to break a promise.

Written by Marc Price a.k.a. Skippy