Mexican auto insurance

What to do if you have a car accident in Mexico?

If you find yourself involved in a car accident in Mexico, first thing you need to do is stay calm, check to see if anyone is injured or hurt, offer help, if possible and call 911.

Get the names and addresses of any witnesses, and very important, do not leave the scene of the accident. If someone is hurt and you leave the scene, you could face additional charges for leaving a person in need of help. In other words, follow the same common sense you would at home.

If you are involved in an auto accident in Mexico and you are believed to be at fault you will go to jail until fault is determined and the damages are paid.

If you have Mexican car insurance with a good company, you will have a list of phone numbers for the adjusters. Call the police first, followed by calling the adjuster immediately after.

Your Mexican auto insurance policy will provide you with bail bond insurance, as well as accident insurance if you purchased that coverage. If you have an accident, trust your insurance company to take care of things.

If you are driving recklessly, suspected of driving drunk or stoned, or if you don’t have Mexican insurance you will most likely go to jail. If you do have Mexican car insurance, your insurance company will provide proof of your insurance and post bail so you can get out of jail until things get sorted out.

If the police officer files a report showing that you were driving under the influence your insurance company will most likely deny your claim.

If you are involved in a minor collision and it is your fault, you can normally negotiate a cash payment with the other parties involved right there and then. If, however, people sustained injuries, there will be an investigation by the police and statements taken.

The vehicles and drivers involved will be detained until it is determined who is at fault. This is why it is very important you have the contact information of several witnesses. You will have the opportunity to post a bond to secure your release until the investigation is finished.